Adieu, Chronicle

By Charles Rollet

After over two years of heading The Chronicle, it’s time for me to say goodbye.

I’m glad to leave the paper in the very capable hands of Anthony Settipani, who has stuck with us through thick and thin as Features Editor. I will keep contributing articles as a staff writer until graduation.

As Northwestern’s conservative paper, The Chronicle provides an alternative viewpoint on a campus where liberal assumptions go mostly unchallenged. This starting point immediately makes the Chron an outside player, enabling it to report on campus affairs from the margins – which is usually where the most incisive critiques come from.

If there’s anything running the Chron has taught me, it’s that despite the existence of Medill and a host of media outlets, very few matters of substance get reported on this campus.

Open up a copy of the NBN mag or leaf through your average Daily. When was the last time you read something that didn’t comfort the (already exceedingly) comfortable? That made you question your assumptions? That made you wonder whether Northwestern’s administration (and yes, that includes “Morty”) is really there for you?

I don’t think the Chron is some kind of shining beacon of hope amidst all this, but I’m proud that we’ve broken many stories the campus media ignores. Whether it’s real-life Marxists holding a massive conference at Medill, College Feminists subtly dissing a conservative feminist speaker, or journalism students getting jailed at Northwestern in Qatar, the Chron covers things no one else does.

(Side note: I find the campus media’s total ignorance of the goings-on at NU-Q fascinating. Depressing as it is, I think it will only be when an American student is arrested in Doha that The Daily, or anyone in Evanston, will actually pay attention to what happens there, beyond the usual rewritten press releases.)

Anyways, I am sure the Chron will gain popularity under fresh leadership. And a lot of things about the Chron still need massive improvement.

Yet I hope that in the long run it will become a place not only for conservatives and libertarians, but also freethinkers of all stripes who dare to challenge campus orthodoxy.

For this, the Chron must stay true to its core values of general irreverence, provocative opinion, and healthy skepticism of the administration. We’ve been around in some form or another since 1992, and despite our ups and downs, our relatively small staff, and a limited budget, the clichéd saying stays true: it’s not the size of the dog in the fight – it’s the size of the fight in the dog.

So ave atque vale, readers.

And stay tuned.




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  1. Ryan   May 6, 2014 at 10:33 pm

    Excellent as ever, Chuck.


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