Whose morality?

Whose morality?

By Alex Entz   Let us quickly entertain an exercise in changing perspectives. This past month saw talking heads, activists, and politicians alike all hammering Arizona over the “anti-gay” bill that landed on Governor Jan Brewer’s desk. The bill, though it never explicitly referenced gays, would have extended legal protection to individuals and private entities […]

The quarterbacks, united, will never be defeated?

The quarterbacks, united, will never be defeated?

By Alex Entz It’s good to see Northwestern football on the front page of ESPN.com again. When it last happened, in October, it was because our ‘Cats were ranked 16th headed into a Homecoming match against an unbeaten, top-five-ranked Ohio State team. The second front-page appearance was, of course, due to their recent efforts to […]

Let’s Go, Revolution!

The Chicago Board of Education recently voted to close 50 schools over the severe opposition of the Chicago Teacher’s Union. What a shame. They didn’t go far enough. In a city where nary 60% of Chicago Public Schools students graduate within five-years, where the average high school student scores a meager 17.6 on their ACT, […]

On the School Closings in Chicago

People protest the decision to close 50 public schools, mostly in Chicago’s South Side. Photo by Chicago Public Media. The Chicago Board of Education’s vote to close down 50 schools is the largest single mass school closing in recorded US history. To be sure, such an event could not happen without significant backlash and attention. […]

How Should We Think of Higher Education?

Photo by Western. The walls of the living room in my apartment are decorated with a number of different posters, but one of them always catches my eye. Alongside a pair of Taylor Swift posters is one, meant to promote Northwestern’s Contemporary Thought Speaker Series, that simply asks “Why are you here?” More often than […]

Do People Have a Right to Healthcare?

When I was a senior in high school, I found myself thinking a lot about Obamacare and the concept of universal health insurance. I remember one girl who cut me off when explaining my thinking on the topic by exclaiming, “But Alex, don’t you think that health care is a right?” At least in that […]

Semester Online A Good Start, But Not Far Enough

A few months ago, I took my case for Northwestern to increase their course offerings to the pages of this paper. Shortly thereafter, Northwestern released the news that they were joining a consortium of schools in offering online content to students of those member schools, which include Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill. Was it chance, or […]

Watered-Down Marxism

Watered-Down Marxism

By Alex Entz While in Europe, I had the good fortune to attend a student rally advocating for the taxation of the rich to pay for free education. One of the major organizers and supporters of the rally was a group known as “Communist Students,” and they handed me a pamphlet about their groups and […]

ASG Finally Says What it Means

After decades of passing politically correct and vague bills and resolutions, Northwestern’s Associated Student Government has finally seen fit to say exactly what it means.  The bill, submitted by ASG senators last week, has been modified from its original version to provide clarity and garner more support.  The resolution regarding President Obama’s gun control policy […]