Bioshock Infinite: The Centrist Shooter

Image by Alan Klim. Can something as seemingly trivial as a video game deliver a powerful political statement? In 2007 game designer Ken Levine and his team Irrational Games sought to do just that with Bioshock. While on the surface the game seemed like nothing more than another sci-fi shooter, with its magical powers, hulking mechanical […]

Oscars Recap

First Lady Michelle Obama announcing the Best Picture Oscar for Argo. Another year brings another set of films to celebrate at the everlasting, and sometimes never-ending, Academy Awards. However, in the face of plunging rates and disinterested youth viewers, for this year’s 85th ceremony, the Academy gave the thankless job of host to Ted star […]

Red Letter Media on B-Fest, Star Wars, and other Bad Movies

Since 1981, A&O’s annual B-Fest has been airing the worst of what low-budget B-movies have to offer for 24 hours straight. The giant underground festival in Norris attracts not only Northwestern students, but also bad movie lovers from all over nearby schools and states. This year, among the crowds were Mike Stoklasa and Jay Bauman […]

New Star Wars? Why the Hell Not

(This article was featured in our print issue, which was published on Nov. 10, 2012.) Guess what you guys, Disney just spent a cool four billion dollars on Lucasfilm and now STAR WARS EPISODE VII IS HAPPENING. Now, depending on who you are, that all-caps shouting could mean one of two things. Either you’re excited beyond belief […]

Twin Peaks: The Abby and Brittany Story, Reexamined

(This article was featured in our print issue, which was published on Nov. 10, 2012.) Can anyone remember the exact moment TLC went from “The Learning Channel” to “modern day freak show with a thin veneer of condescending compassion?” Was it when they started running all those dwarf shows? In any case, while the rest of […]

This Article is About Mad Men

AMC’s “Mad Men,” currently airing its fifth season, is pretty good to put it lightly. Since its premiere in 2007 it has received boundless praise from fans, critics and award shows alike. Reportedly, Netflix even paid up to $100 million to bring the show to their streaming service. Despite what the title says however, this […]

The Dream of the 90s is Alive in Portlandia

There’s an almost hilarious lack of self-awareness being displayed by the west coast hipsters angered by Portlandia’s mocking of their “so liberal to the point of annoyance” culture. It is true that the sketch comedy show, currently in the middle of its second season on the Independent Film Channel (appropriately enough), derives basically all of […]