Avengers: Age Of Ultron (Film Review)



How do you follow up one of the biggest blockbusters of all time? The Avengers was an unprecedented spectacle of ensemble, destruction, and even humor, but it wasn’t without its flaws. Fortunately, Joss Whedon and company appear to have taken copious notes from their previous endeavor, and the result is a polished, electric sequel which builds upon what made The Avengers such a thrill and improves several of areas in which Marvel has repeatedly been weak.

Age Of Ultron earns its title when Tony Stark uses the mystical power of Loki’s scepter to complete the titular initiative to create artificial intelligence. His aim with Ultron is to create a benevolent peacekeeping force to allow the Avengers to live their lives without constant threats of global destruction which only they can successfully defeat. However, in typical superhero movie fashion, Ultron turns out to be a brooding philosophical sociopath, who believes that humanity must either evolve or be rendered completely extinct in order to secure the future of Earth. As Ultron works to see his plan through to fruition, Earth’s greatest heroes must fight a most formidable enemy as well as themselves in order to prevent a threat of global annihilation which becomes increasingly imminent.

Right from the getgo, Age of Ultron‘s story is a big step up from the first film. Instead of spending 90 minutes waiting for a cryptic alien army to swarm on New York through an inter-dimensional wormhole, the presence of evil is felt immediately and often. The trope of creation rebelling against creator is a long-present one, but here it adds a tantalizing layer of personal responsibility to the superhero formula.

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