Bioshock Infinite: The Centrist Shooter

Image by Alan Klim. Can something as seemingly trivial as a video game deliver a powerful political statement? In 2007 game designer Ken Levine and his team Irrational Games sought to do just that with Bioshock. While on the surface the game seemed like nothing more than another sci-fi shooter, with its magical powers, hulking mechanical […]

The Case for “Assault Weapons”

Let’s face it. If you’ve been paying any attention to the news in the last year, you’ve probably heard the term “assault weapon.” But what is an assault weapon anyway? Why are they so easy to get? Those can’t be used for sporting purposes, they belong on the battlefield! Allow me to preface this by […]

Goshka Macuga’s “Exhibit, A”

Polish artist Goshka Macuga’s Exhibit, A is in the final week of its tour at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. The work will be taken down on April 7. Model for a Sculpture (Family) Macuga employs cubist sculpture, photography, glass, steel installations, and found objects in her creations, giving the overall aesthetic a hugely variant yet […]

So You’re Looking at an AR-15…

Down Range is The Chron’s latest blog, dedicated to guns & ammo. Run by our resident gun expert, Max Baird. By: Max Baird The Colt AR-15 Sporter SP1 Carbine. Photo by M62. With all of this talk about gun control coming from Washington and the mainstream media, some must be confused about what the terms […]

Oscars Recap

First Lady Michelle Obama announcing the Best Picture Oscar for Argo. Another year brings another set of films to celebrate at the everlasting, and sometimes never-ending, Academy Awards. However, in the face of plunging rates and disinterested youth viewers, for this year’s 85th ceremony, the Academy gave the thankless job of host to Ted star […]

Red Letter Media on B-Fest, Star Wars, and other Bad Movies

Since 1981, A&O’s annual B-Fest has been airing the worst of what low-budget B-movies have to offer for 24 hours straight. The giant underground festival in Norris attracts not only Northwestern students, but also bad movie lovers from all over nearby schools and states. This year, among the crowds were Mike Stoklasa and Jay Bauman […]

Upstairs Gallery: An Improved Labor of Love

photo: Upstairs Gallery “If we didn’t really love it, there’s no way we’d do it.” Alex Honnet and Caitlin Stephan are two of the three founders of and producers at Upstairs Gallery, a rising star of independent improv and sketch performance spaces in Chicago. The Gallery, run out of what was once an art gallery […]

Author Reports Libraries Dead; Libraries Say the Report is Exaggerated

The Evanston Public Library. Photo: Margaret Flynn You’d think an author whose books are some of the most borrowed in the library systems of the United Kingdom would appreciate the institutions that got him over six thousand pounds in income for the circulation of his books. But Terry Deary, bestselling children’s novelist in the UK, […]