Our Spring Print Issue is Out!

By: Chronicle Staff Find our print issue at Uni Hall, the library, Norris, and Kresge (beat you, NBN mag.) We’ll be distributing to other locations on Sunday. And if you can’t find your own print issue, read it online.

NBN Party Changes Name after Controversial Theme

By: Chronicle Staff   One day, our beloved colleagues at NBN decided to have a Spring Party. The original theme was “Spirit Animals:”       But this was not to be, after a poster disagreed with the theme:     The NBN admins changed the party to a more generic-sounding “Spring Party:”     […]

Northwestern Faculty Senate Calls for “Immediate Release” of Qatari Poet – without NU-Q’s Support

Muhammad al-Ajami, imprisoned for a poem. By Charles Rollet When Qatari poet Muhammad al-Ajami was sentenced to life imprisonment for criticizing the Emir of Qatar in a poem, Faculty Senate member Helen Thompson felt a personal obligation to call attention to his case. “I felt that as an English professor, it was somewhat incumbent on me to respond […]

Reporting in Qatar, Part 2: “Northwestern University does not Help or Support Criminals”

Reporting in Qatar, Part 2: “Northwestern University does not Help or Support Criminals”

By: Charles Rollet, with additional reporting by Annalise Frank A Northwestern in Qatar journalism student was beaten by police, then jailed for 10 days for going behind the scenes in the aftermath of a controversial mall fire. He says Northwestern did little to help, accusing him of being a “criminal” and ultimately “washing their hands” of him.  […]

Reporting in Qatar, Part 1: A Fragile Balance

Reporting in Qatar, Part 1: A Fragile Balance

By: Charles Rollet, with additional reporting by Annalise Frank In this exclusive two-part series, The Chron investigates media freedom and reporting conditions in the rapidly-developing country of Qatar, where Northwestern’s first international campus is located. But beneath its ritzy surface, the Gulf state still has serious issues with freedom of expression which are often overlooked […]

We’re Printing Tomorrow!

By: Chronicle Staff Look out for our print issue tomorrow at the usual locations: Norris, the Library, Fisk Hall, McTrib, Harris Hall, Sargent, Annenberg, University Hall, and Lisa’s… We’ll also be distributing copies in person tomorrow morning at The Arch, Tech, and Fisk. Take a copy. It’s free, and this quarter’s Chrontent is especially juicy…