Thomas Jefferson Meets Radical Islam

On Thursday, April 12, 2012, in a federal court in Boston, an American man by the name of Tarek Mehanna was sentenced to 17 years in prison after being convicted on charges of conspiracy and terrorism (e.g. conspiracy to wage war against the United States, 2 counts of lying to law enforcement, translating and disseminating […]

The Insanity of the American Imagination

The Work of Cynical Reason in Western Racial Politics Picture this: someone of color is killed, justice is delayed, muddled, or flat-out denied, and then a fruitless conversation on ‘racism’ begins. In this conversation, some seem to think race goes away when we don’t talk about it and want to redefine racism as the discussion […]

Capitalism- An Economic System Without Humans

What Economic Models Reveal About the Hearts of People   If you’ve heard of Howard Schultz then you’ve probably heard him talk about his concept of ‘moral capitalism’; it’s his battle cry and his business model. But even if you haven’t heard of Howard Schultz or ‘moral capitalism’ by name, you may be familiar with […]

Finding Joseph Kony

For years, I’ve been reading and learning about Joseph Kony and his reign of terror over northern Uganda, ranging from Lake Kyoga to the southern border of Sudan, through his leadership of the Lord’s Resistance Army. As a student of political science and political theory, and an ‘Africanist’, I’ve always known of Joseph Kony, yet […]

Screw NU: I Heart Vandy

It’s two in the afternoon on a typical Saturday at Vanderbilt University. The D1 SEC Vandy/Kentucky game is coming to a close, and Vandy’s heading for another loss. It isn’t a big deal though—no one seems to even know. That’s because the entertainment is outside of the stadium, directly outside, in the front yards of […]

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