Let’s Go, Revolution!

The Chicago Board of Education recently voted to close 50 schools over the severe opposition of the Chicago Teacher’s Union. What a shame. They didn’t go far enough. In a city where nary 60% of Chicago Public Schools students graduate within five-years, where the average high school student scores a meager 17.6 on their ACT, […]

On the School Closings in Chicago

People protest the decision to close 50 public schools, mostly in Chicago’s South Side. Photo by Chicago Public Media. The Chicago Board of Education’s vote to close down 50 schools is the largest single mass school closing in recorded US history. To be sure, such an event could not happen without significant backlash and attention. […]

How Should We Think of Higher Education?

Photo by Western. The walls of the living room in my apartment are decorated with a number of different posters, but one of them always catches my eye. Alongside a pair of Taylor Swift posters is one, meant to promote Northwestern’s Contemporary Thought Speaker Series, that simply asks “Why are you here?” More often than […]

Northwestern’s “Diversity” Requirement

After a solid year of daily announcements and grievances regarding diversity at Northwestern, it seems that this obsession could be here for a long time, and new policies and ideas are being brought forth every other week, the holy grail of which is the ‘Social Inequalities and Diversity’ course requirement. If the diversity obsession has […]

Good Old Joe

Photo by Richie C. As a college student, and as a Northwestern student in particular, I understand that most of the students here tend to be liberal.  I expect to see and hear liberal ideas on a daily basis, and my professors and classmates rarely prove me wrong.  The other day, however, I overheard something […]

Letter from the Editor: Put Morton in His Place

Photo by Cary Lee. By Charles Rollet In a recent Wall Street Journal opinion article, our beloved President Morton Schapiro co-wrote that he would never consider signing a student petition. “In our experience, there is little correlation between the merits of the argument in a petition drive and the number of signatures or media attention it […]

Boston Hits Close to Home

Imagine you’re standing in the beautiful city of Boston on a gorgeous spring day.  Imagine being surrounded by 500,000 excited people from all around the world.  Imagine witnessing months of incredibly hard work pay off.  Imagine seeing joyous families proudly embrace one another.  Imagine seeing thousands of people celebrate a great physical achievement.  Imagine being […]

Harrison Flagler–the Student Life VP we’ve been waiting for

The following endorsement is not that of the Northwestern Chronicle.  The views expressed below are solely those of the Chronicle Opinion Editors Alex Entz and Dane Stier, not of their affiliated organizations. By: Dane Stier  and Alex Entz In our three years at Northwestern University, we have seen Associated Student Government (ASG) leadership and initiatives come […]

Illinois- When will the Corruption End?

photo: Mark Jaroski With one governor in a halfway house, another beginning a stint in a federal penitentiary, the Jackson family under the fed’s microscope, and numerous members of the Illinois General Assembly under investigation, it’s no surprise Illinois’ politicians have finally decided to do something about prisoner treatment in our correctional facilities. I believe […]

Why ASG is Right

photo: Tomasz Sienicki Discussion of Obama’s gun control policy and its merits could, and in all likelihood will, continue until the next gun-related tragedy occurs. Because resolving such an issue is unlikely, to say the least, time would be better spent considering whether or not an endorsement of such a political nature is appropriate. I […]

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