Crêperie Saint Germain: Evanston’s Best Crêpes

by Catherine Zhang

FullSizeRender (3)Crêperie Saint Germain is a 3-year-old French crêperie, inspired by Brittany, France, where the French pancake became popular.

The restaurant’s menu emphasizes “fresh ingredients through simple, flavorful combinations” and their crêpes are made with buckwheat and wheat flours!

I’ve heard great things about this place from my friend Natalie, so my friend Kenton and I decided to visit one Saturday afternoon.

Here, they offer a brunch deal until 1:30, in which $8 will get you a crêpe from their brunch menu as well as a serving of fries, salad, or fruit.

The first thing I noted is that this place is not the best for large groups. I think its perfect for brunch dates or a small family gathering. You’d go there with a parent, friend, or loved one to have a lovely conversation amid the moderate voice level.

Sadly, Crêperie Saint Germain does not accept reservations, which mildly devastates me. You see, the restaurant is small; I’d estimate that it could only hold ~20, including a teeny-tiny bar space for 3-4. When I went, during early afternoon on a Saturday, there were two very hardworking waiters juggling a full house. They would consistently let you know if food was running late, or if they had something big to deal with for another table.

While the place is so small that you might miss it if you walked by too quickly, you’ll quickly come to appreciate all of the thought that goes into the interior design once you walk in. This place is super cute and brunchy, with a soft yellow paint job, padding on the ceiling, with a huge map of a Parisian subway on one wall and a collection of French paintings and photos on the other.

FullSizeRender (1)I ordered coffee ($3), which our waiter brought to me in a French press. For a light brew, he said to wait 2 minutes, and for a dark brew, 4 minutes. Of course, I waited for 4. I’ve never poured my own coffee from a French press before!

My Croque Madame was delicious. For $9, I got ham, Gruyere, and Mornay sauce (cream sauce with cheese) on toasted brioche, topped with a fried egg, served with stoneground mustard and with fries or salad on the side. Of course, I opted for the shoestring fries over the mixed greens. They tasted as if they were rolled in salt, but were otherwise crispy and hit the spot, served with a simple aioli.

FullSizeRender (2)And because I needed something sweet to balance out the savory, I also ordered the Marquis crêpe ($6), a chocolate crêpe filled with dark chocolate ganache, topped with white chocolate sauce and a few strawberries, which sadly tasted less than fresh. I had crossed my fingers for a crisp crêpe, and alas!

Crêperie Saint Germain delivered. The crêpe was not soggy. It was a tad bit too sweet, however, and could have used more fruit to offset the richness of the chocolate.

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