Dining hall highlights

Allison Dining Hall

Perhaps one of the more iconic dining halls, Allison Hall has breathtakingly high glass ceilings and multiple side rooms.

When it comes to cuisine, Allison offers a kosher station and a large selection of fresh fruit and bread. The dining halls salad bar is arguably the freshest and most diverse out of all of the dining halls on campus. If you’re hungry for something more satisfying, there are also various food stations offering pasta, pizza, and sandwiches.

Foster-Walker Complex aka Plex

Better known as Plex to the Northwestern student body, this mid-campus dorm hosts two dining halls in one building.

Plex East is open every day, offering specials such as stir-fry Wednesdays, meatless Mondays and barbeque weeks.

Plex West is open for all meals, with made-to-order lunch and dinner options available, including omelets, burgers and burritos. You can even get your favorite brunch options on Sundays. In addition, students can request halal menu items from the grill. For those who get the munchies after dinner, Plex West late night is open Monday through Thursday. And if you want to just grab something to take to-go, consider the C-store, filled with prepared sandwiches, wraps, sushi platters and more.

Sargent Dining Hall

The most popular North campus dining hall, Sargent is located next to Tech and provides a variety of dining options from breakfast through dinner. For breakfast, get made-to-order omelets and waffles. Lunch and dinner options include tacos, sandwiches, paninis and fresh grill options. There’s also a designated vegetarian and vegan station for students with more restricted dietary needs. Sargent is open for all seven days and offers brunch on Sundays.

[part of The Northwestern Chronicle’s Freshman Issue, Fall 2016]

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