Dumb And Dumber To (Film Review)


We live in a cinematic era that too often resorts to low-risk cash grabs and “sure things” instead of taking risks on original ideas and ingenuity. It is a time of endless sequelling, limitless novel-to-screen adaptations, and splitting the last book into two movies. We’re now starting to see old franchises (or even stand-alone movies) revived years later in an attempt to turn nostalgia into a quick buck.

The once-formidable Farrelly Brothers have resorted to the same tactic in bringing us a Dumb And Dumber sequel 20 years after the original made the directing team famous. I’m not exactly sure who asked for this movie to be made, but I suspect that even they will be disappointed by the output. Dumb And Dumber To (it physically pains me spell too [or is it 2?] that way) is an over-long, mostly unfunny return for characters who hit their comedic peak at the beginning of the Clinton administration.

Picking up two decades after the end of their original adventures, Lloyd (Jim Carrey) and Harry (Jeff Daniels) embark on yet another cross-country journey, this time to find and meet Harry’s potential long-lost daughter who could be the only match for a much-needed kidney donation. In true Dumb and Dumber fashion, the pair encounter dozens of mishaps along the way, all the while finding themselves in the middle of a dangerous situation which imperils their lives on numerous occasions.

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