From the Editor:

What do you wish you knew when you first came to campus? is the question I asked myself as I planned this issue.

We created this campus guide with the freshman in mind, because when you’re armed with some insider knowledge and aware of all of the opportunities available to you, you can make the most of your first year at Northwestern. After all, it helps to have a bit of guidance. Consider us your first upperclassman friend here.

We also wanted to address some misconceptions about your freshman year and about life at Northwestern. To begin with, yes, there’s a lot more to campus than just dorms and classroom buildings. No, you don’t have to join Greek life during your first year in order to have a social life. Yes, it’s completely fine to be undecided on your major and your studies. No, you don’t need to settle for Evanston food when you want to eat out. You probably wrote about Chicago in your ‘Why Northwestern’ essay, so why not stick to your word and get out there? All it takes is the effort to step on the ‘L,’ and some free time. You won’t regret it.

Included in this freshman issue is a photo challenge to get you exploring the more obscure but also delightful parts of campus, a list of top Chicago restaurants perfect for a student’s budget, and more.

We also outlined a few things for you in the hopes that you’ll be able to navigate campus and Chicago better. Enjoy our map of popular food stops along the Red Line and our Google calendar of EDM concerts happening this fall in Chicago.

In your first year, you tend to adopt a very freshman-oriented mindset, which is completely fine and justified. You have a lot of free time, and want to try new things and evolve out of your high school self, so why not do it strategically?

Our vision for this year – the power of the freshman – because new students offer a fresh perspective on student life at Northwestern.

Catherine Zhang


[part of The Northwestern Chronicle’s Freshman Issue, Fall 2016]

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