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img_7792One of the most significant things I’ve learned since coming to college is how profoundly people’s different personal experiences and back stories inform their actions and beliefs.

I attended a private high school in Atlanta where the student body was relatively homogeneous, so coming to a liberal arts institution in the Midwest was a pivotal shift that caught me off guard.

Beyond just our demographic differences, our student body is made up of different narratives (one might even call them chronicles). One of the best parts about going to a place like Northwestern is getting to interact with others and having our lifelines cross paths.

If you can’t get out of your own state borders, the next best thing is getting to know people who have, and hearing their stories. Making friends with people who are different from you is more invaluable than you and I will ever understand. What we take away from conversations with friends and peers expands our own perspective.

This is a theme that’s running throughout our fall print issue.

Last time, we heard from a student who joined Greek life in his second year. This time, we hear from someone who joined Northwestern in her second year.

Shelby Reitman’s account about being a transfer student and constantly questioning your place in a community is a story that is relatable for everyone, transfer student or not. We’ve all had our moments of yearning for acceptance.

And while popular topics such as ASG and Christina & Macs are discussed in this print issue, we also approached the student experience from more of a bottom-up perspective.

Ahlaam Delange casts a well-deserved spotlight on small student groups such as the Muslim-cultural Students Association.

I hope you enjoy this issue! We’re excited to put out a 12-page spread rich with content for you instead of our usual 8-pager.

Catherine Zhang


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