From the Editor:

At the Chronicle’s first meeting of the school year, our former Editor-in-Chief, Anthony, revealed that I was now the interim EIC, unofficially effective immediately.

I’d shown up to the meeting in sweatpants, expecting a speech about the major ideas we had for the upcoming year, and instead found myself in the position to give that speech.

Transitioning into the interim position has been nerve-wracking. My friends received texts from me that read along the lines of: “I don’t know what to do, it’s such a huge commitment!” or “this is so hard, there’s so much to do!”.

Logistics were difficult. Our website crashed at the end of the summer, and I found myself chatting online with a customer sales rep from a webhosting site a few weeks ago. At the end of our conversation, he said, “I think you’d really benefit from watching this video.” He linked me to a video called, “How Websites Work”.

I guess you could say that I still have a long way to go, but I’m glad I decided to hold my breath and dive in headfirst.

My goal is not to just stand at the helm of a publication; it is to lead a community of writers, reporters, and producers who can take their own creative direction. In our metaphorical staff room, you can hang out in every corner and write for any section you want. We are all equals. Write about whatever interests you. Our fluid community experiments with satire while simultaneously voicing opinions on important issues, eventually learning to wield a media pass like a pro.

Working with a publication lets you meet all sorts of people that you never would have met otherwise, whether they are those who edit your articles, those you interview, or those you meet at an event you’re covering. In my time, I’ve gotten out and explored Northwestern, Evanston, Chicago, and literally anywhere that public transit can take me. I get to contribute to a great community dedicated to fostering excitement about writing, molded by student voices.

Over the past year, ideas have been flying around inside my head. Now, they are starting to materialize. I’m so excited to take The Northwestern Chronicle on, and in a better direction. I have such great hopes for this year and the next few.

Have fun following along, but if following isn’t enough for you, come join us and lead.

Catherine Zhang


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