Group for Self-Confessed History Nerds Restarted at NU

By Charles Rollet

The NU History Society, a student group for history aficionados at Northwestern, held its first public meeting in two years this Monday.

The NU History Society’s first meeting of 2013.

The group was first started five years ago, but eventually went defunct when almost all its members graduated at once.

Emily Davidson, a Weinberg senior, is the only current NU student who was part of the Society when it was originally active. She decided to start the Society up again this year with the help of the Chabraja Center for Historical Studies, which funds the group instead of ASG.

The first meeting of the year was held in the Center for Historical Studies’ reading room in the lower level of Harris Hall. The dozen students in attendance sat close together in a small circle, appropriately surrounded by aging history books.

Topics at the meet ranged from voting on future events to planning meeting times; one of the History Society’s main events will be going to the movie theatre to see films like “Argo” or “Lincoln” with a history professor.

Students in attendance were enthusiastic to be part of a group dedicated to history fans at NU.

“I thought it would be interesting because I haven’t seen a lot of academic stuff outside of class at Northwestern,” said Michael Lamble, a Weinberg junior.

The companionship provided by the group was a plus for others as well:

Emily Davidson, the group’s “baby dictator,” on the left.

“Honestly, sitting in a room like this with exciting people is a good time,” said Timothy Buford Garrett, also a junior at Weinberg.

“Getting to spend more time with the grad students, getting to hear how they started studying history  –  what got them on the path they’re on – that’s also good,” he said.

The de facto leader of the History Society is Emily Davidson, the student behind the group’s 2013 renaissance.

“We don’t have titles or hierarchies. I’m just the one who has the keys to stuff, and controls the listserv, and controls- I’m kind of like the baby dictator,” said Davidson.

Meetings will be on Mondays at 6PM, in Harris L-27. Email Emily Davidson at if you are interested in joining, and check out the NU History Society’s Facebook group.


photos- Charles Rollet


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