Harrison Flagler–the Student Life VP we’ve been waiting for

The following endorsement is not that of the Northwestern Chronicle.  The views expressed below are solely those of the Chronicle Opinion Editors Alex Entz and Dane Stier, not of their affiliated organizations.

By: Dane Stier  and Alex Entz

Flagler for SLVP

In our three years at Northwestern University, we have seen Associated Student Government (ASG) leadership and initiatives come and go.  Some initiatives have been successful, but even more have become yearly talking points with no visible action to back them up.  Perhaps these initiatives were simply forgotten when course loads became heavy, but it also seems likely that the maze of our university’s bureaucracy stifled the progress of our well-intentioned student leaders.

As members of student groups, we understand exactly how frustrating it is to accomplish tasks on the university’s terms.  It takes a great deal of motivation to be willing to navigate the endless rules and inefficiencies, and a great deal more to continue doing so thorough the entire term in office.  This past year, Northwestern students have been lucky enough to have extremely engaged, focused, and motivated leadership in ASG, and yet much is left to be desired.  With elections quickly approaching, there is one candidate who could help push ASG to the next level.

Harrison Flagler can make a real difference here at Northwestern as the Student Life VP.  We have yet to meet anyone with so much passion, focus, and integrity.  Harrison understands the issues that need to finally be addressed; these issues are not just campaign points for him.  The student body has deserved solutions for a long time, and Harrison is the man who will deliver them.

We, among most of the student body, agree with the issues Harrison is giving top priority:  expanding the role ASG as a resource for residential housing and strengthening the connection between ASG and residential life; addressing the incredibly unreliable transportation system, particularly in regard to SafeRide and the shuttle app; and increasing the transparency between students and the administration.  Moreover, Harrison’s call for less complicated SOFO policies and an improved universal events calendar are exceptionally appealing from a student group perspective.

Alex Van Atta has done a fantastic job as SLVP; we are confident that Harrison Flagler will continue in his footsteps. Indeed, we believe that Harrison’s focus on helping make ASG more student-friendly will undoubtedly translate into serious campuswide improvements. If anyone has the determination to solve these long overdue problems we face, Harrison can.  And we need him to.

So on Friday, April 19, vote Harrison Flagler for Student Life VP, and make the difference we’ve been waiting for.

To learn more about Harrison Flagler and to see other endorsements, visit Flagler for Student Life!

-Dane Stier is the former President of College Republicans, and the Chronicle’s current Opinion Editor.

-Alex Entz is the current President of Northwestern Students for Education Reform, and the Chronicle’s current Opinion Editor.

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