Moving into an apartment? Here’s everything you need for your kitchen.

Moving into an apartment is a huge lifestyle change, and the last thing you want is to realize that you’re missing an essential kitchen tool when you’re hungry and want something to eat RIGHT NOW!



  • POT – A pot is perfect for heating up soup when you’re sick or making poached eggs (which is actually super easy).
  • NON-STICK PAN – You can do anything and everything with a pan. Besides make super dank stir fry and scrambled eggs, you can also cook pasta in a pan; in fact, you SHOULD cook your pasta in a pan.
  • WOODEN SPOON – You can use this to mix batters, scrape bowls and everything in between. This multi-use tool comes in handy in most kitchen situations.
  • SPATULA – For flipping pancakes, serving eggs and much much more.
  • REUSABLE CONTAINERS – Don’t buy Tupperware when you can get free glass jars everytime you buy peanut butter or pasta sauce! However, Tupperware comes in handy when you’re transporting food on-the-go because it’s lighter and less likely to break. It helps to have containers of all different shapes and sizes to store everything you’ll ever need, like soup, chopped veggies, leftover rice, etc. etc.
  • STRAINER/COLANDER– Having one of these will encourage you to wash fruits and vegetables, in addition to making just pasta, because as hard as it is to understand, there’s MORE TO LIFE THAN PASTA
  • BAKING SHEET – Not only can you use it to bake, you can use it to spread foods on (chopped, par-cooked vegetables, fruits) and freeze them in batches. More infohere.
  • CUTTING BOARD – It helps to have one for fruits/vegetables and one for raw meat, just to keep things sanitary!
  • KNIFE SET – I strongly believe that you only need three knives in life. In particular, the three-piece set from Zyliss has proven to be the most cost-efficient, coming in at just $15 for a large utility knife, a serrated bread knife and a smaller paring knife. They work incredibly well and stay sharp for long. (Need to sharpen a knife? Got a mug? Great, you’re set.)
  • CAN OPENER – Many foods are best stored canned, i.e. beans, tomatoes, coconut milk…
  • TONGS – When you’re dealing with hot food that might splatter oil, toss a salad or handle raw meat, tongs will be there for you.
  • MEASURING CUPS – You know why.
  • MIXING BOWLS – Use this to mix batters or doughs, but also to store large quantities of food in the fridge, raw or cooked. Why call it a mixing bowl when it’s clearly just a large bowl?
  • WATER KETTLE – I invested in one of these just a few months ago, and it’s changed my life, as a tea drinker. I also use it to make ramen, defrost frozen fruits and vegetables and much much more.

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photo source: Catt Liu

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