New Star Wars? Why the Hell Not

(This article was featured in our print issue, which was published on Nov. 10, 2012.)

Guess what you guys, Disney just spent a cool four billion dollars on Lucasfilm and now STAR WARS EPISODE VII IS HAPPENING. Now, depending on who you are, that all-caps shouting could mean one of two things. Either you’re excited beyond belief that the saga is about to continue or you’re preemptively mad about the inevitable continued raping of your childhood. Well, I’m here to say that all of you – any of you with any strong emotions about this whatsoever – are wrong.

For as huge an announcement this is, it is clear that the only logical stance to take is one of utter neutrality, or “eh” if you will. The thing is, we’ve all already gone through  the emotional roller coaster that is Star Wars fandom. We’ve already seen great Star Wars movies, we’ve already seen really bad ones. There’s nothing these new movies can do that will show us anything or make us feel anything that we haven’t already seen or felt before. New Star Wars may not be the best thing to happen to Star Wars but it’d be pretty hard for it to be the worst. Besides, it doesn’t even exist yet.

Of course, there are those people out there that, no matter what New Star Wars ends up being, will be completely offended at the idea of something strange and new replacing their beloved childhood version of Star Wars. These are the people that get mad whenever George Lucas exercises his right as an artist to change his own material, even though it is usually for the worst. These are the resentful old nerds and the young ones that have inexplicably co-opted their angry, entitled nostalgia. But there is good news: one day, those people will all be dead- and the world will be inherited by the children of today who will grow up with New Star Wars, free of old geek baggage.

As cynical as that sounds, this as actually an incredibly interesting and enviable position for a such a major franchise to be in. There’s something freeing about having no expectations. Star Wars has a clean slate and the potential to go almost anywhere. If anything, that’s the biggest reason to care. Be happy because we now have the chance to see a totally new kind of Star Wars film. A new hope; who would’ve guessed we’d ever get that?

I think we’re all missing the real news though. Indiana Jones V. Just wait for it.

photo- Eva Rinaldi

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