Fighting Methodist: Northwestern vows to accept all applicants to the Class of 2020, increase inclusivity

EVANSTON, IL — In a revolutionary, if not entirely unexpected, turn of events, Northwestern’s Office of Undergraduate Admission announced a plan to make college more inclusive for anyone who has applied: anyone who fills out an application to Northwestern is automatically accepted, an official from the department said. This policy change follows just days after the Student Organizations and Activities office announced its plan to require most student-groups to adopt open admissions, thus reducing the “heartbreaking rejection” freshmen face their first few months on campus, as Hope Wallace, assistant director of Student Organizations and Activities put it. 

The Dean of Undergraduate Admission, Kristopher Watson, hopes that this will make it easier for all high school students to attend college. After meeting with dozens of high school seniors who have received “heartbreaking” rejections at the hands of a competitive admissions process that only let in 10.7% of all applicants last year, he wants “to make sure that no high schooler ever has to go through that trauma again.”

The goal, inspired by the Student Organizations and Activities Office, is set to be in place for the Class of 2020.

While the Office of Undergraduate Admission is still setting the final details of this policy in stone, a student-led task force is considering the negative ramifications of this plan. It sees none.

“It’s bold, and we’re excited about it,” Watson said. “What better way to match ourselves to Harvard than to be a bastion of inclusivity and low-standards?”

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