NU Destroys South Dakota’s Coyotes

This article was originally published on Sep 22, 2012

After three straight games against BCS teams, Northwestern said “fuck it” and turned their schedule on Easy Mode. The Wildcats cruised to an easy 38-7 win over the South Dakota Coyotes.

There isn’t too much to say about the game. Northwestern’s Venric Mark scored a touchdown on a 3 yard run at 11:29 in the 1st quarter, and Northwestern never looked back. The Coyotes (pronounced ka-Yotes… silly Dakotans) managed to score a touchdown late in the third quarter, but found no more success afterward. It was, frankly, quite boring.  After a Northwestern field goal at 10:00 in the 4th quarter, Northwestern ran out the clock for what was a pretty easy win.

And by all means, it shouldn’t have been anything but easy. The Coyotes’ game in the 1st quarter was a comedy of errors. Missed passes consistently killed what chances they had at putting together a successful drive, and Northwestern had no trouble scoring on the Coyotes’ defense. I had to wonder if Wile E. Coyote was coaching the team, or at least playing for them; what else could explain all of the hilarious and often self imposed futility? South Dakota’s offense improved throughout the game, and several times they looked like they might score. In the end, Northwestern’s defense stepped up and limited the Coyotes to a single touchdown.

Northwestern looked good throughout the game, but against an opponent like South Dakota, it’s difficult to say how much of it was due to improvement and how much of it was due to the fact that South Dakota pretty much sucked.

Also worth noticing was the Running of the Freshmen before the game. The freshmen seemed like they would never end (it’s almost like there are 2000 of them or something), which looked like a good sign. Certainly if there are so many, then it means the Freshmen are into the team, right? Guess not. Even though the student section was packed in the first half, after halftime the students steadily left the game. I know that it was clearly going to be a win, but the apathy was still alarming. Boo, freshmen and other fans. I know I was bored too, but at least I stuck it out to the end.

But whatever. Northwestern is 4 and 0, and do seem to be improving with each game. Considering the shit show that is the rest of the Big Ten, I’m liking our chances.

Rose Bowl, bitches.

Photo by Sage Schroeder



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