Ryan’s Predictions for the 2015 Oscars


The Best Picture marathon was an absolute blast, and today we get the added benefit of having the Oscars! It’s now time for me to go to work and publicly lay my cards out on the table. I’m tempted to throw in a few more upset picks than I ultimately did, but I’m also entered in a fairly lucrative Oscar pool, so I’m also erring a bit on the side of caution. The predictions you’re about to see are identical to the ones I submitted to my pool, so you’ll have a pretty good idea of how I did by the time the night is over. So without further ado, here’s the names I’m hoping to see called tonight!



  1. American Sniper
  2. Birdman
  3. Boyhood
  4. The Grand Budapest Hotel
  5. The Imitation Game
  6. Selma
  7. The Theory of Everything
  8. Whiplash


To see the other predictions, see the full article at milowickipedia.wordpress.com

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