Slideshow: NU Color Roar gets down and dirty for a good cause

By Isabella Raynal

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Sunday is considered a day of rest (or studying) for many, but not for those who participated in the Color Roar. This past Sunday, at least 50 Northwestern students spent their afternoons running around Deering Meadow throwing paint powder at each other.

To passersby we must have just looked like a bunch of crazy college kids, but the Color Roar was actually Northwestern’s first celebration of Homecoming Week 2014. Participants paid $7 for a homecoming t-shirt, three packets of paint powder, sunglasses (mainly for protecting their eyes from flying paint rather than from the sun), and a donation to the Summer Internship Grant Program. SIGP helps students participate in opportunities such as unpaid internships, which are important to have on a resume but oftentimes hard for students to obtain and maintain because of their financial situations.

Recently, the Color Run has also gained popularity as a type of sporting event. It seems like your average running race, except people throw paint powder at the participants along their journey towards the finish line. Northwestern’s Color Roar embraced this idea of getting messy and colorful, but minimized the running aspect. What better way to kick-off homecoming week than with an event supporting both fun and charity?

2 Responses to "Slideshow: NU Color Roar gets down and dirty for a good cause"

  1. Kimber Lowry   October 15, 2014 at 10:06 am

    Ha ha, flying paint! Oh, how I remember those days…

    Well written article, girl! Keep up the great reporting.

  2. Sharon Michnay   October 15, 2014 at 11:56 am

    Sounds like fun! My partner did the color run in Chicago – with the running included. His son was not fond of the paint-powder however. Perhaps that will change and he’ll someday participate at this event!


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