Women’s basketball looks to bounce back after below-average 2012-2013 season

Coming off a below-average finish of third-to-last place in the Big Ten, the women’s basketball team looks to rebound this year under the leadership of coach Joe McKeown. On August 15th, it was announced that McKeown would receive a contract extension through 2017 as the coach has shown relentless dedication to the team and the […]

This isn’t the end of the world

I choose to look at things optimistically   Is there such a thing as a statement loss? Because I think we just had ours. Northwestern came up short against Ohio State, losing 30 – 40. How short? Somewhere around half a yard. If you watched the game, you know the moment I’m talking about. Northwestern […]

Northwestern Football is Back

Oh, that was two weeks ago. Punctuality is not a strong point of mine. The average Northwestern fan’s view of Saturday’s game. Photo by Andrea Schmitz I’d like to pose a question. If Northwestern beats Syracuse but nobody is on campus to hear it, does it make a sound? Normally I like the quarter system. […]

Northwestern Faculty Senate Calls for “Immediate Release” of Qatari Poet – without NU-Q’s Support

Muhammad al-Ajami, imprisoned for a poem. By Charles Rollet When Qatari poet Muhammad al-Ajami was sentenced to life imprisonment for criticizing the Emir of Qatar in a poem, Faculty Senate member Helen Thompson felt a personal obligation to call attention to his case. “I felt that as an English professor, it was somewhat incumbent on me to respond […]

Carmody Out After Ninth Straight Loss Comes at United Center

Like God, I watch from above and get annoyed by Iowans. Photo by Nathaniel Edwards. I was there when the season ended. In the United Center’s upper upper decks Thursday night, I sat sandwiched in between two flocks of Iowa late-20-somethings. The right one was led by a guy who wrote a book he didn’t […]

I’m Tired of Losing to the Worst State

Demps dances, Sobo squints, and a ref floats on air. PHOTO: Nathaniel Edwards Thursday night, a large visiting crowd of Ohio State Buckeyes fans settled in and sat quietly as the Wildcats held a knife to their team’s throat all game long, only to get talked out of it in the last three minutes. Narrow […]

Reporting in Qatar, Part 2: “Northwestern University does not Help or Support Criminals”

Reporting in Qatar, Part 2: “Northwestern University does not Help or Support Criminals”

By: Charles Rollet, with additional reporting by Annalise Frank A Northwestern in Qatar journalism student was beaten by police, then jailed for 10 days for going behind the scenes in the aftermath of a controversial mall fire. He says Northwestern did little to help, accusing him of being a “criminal” and ultimately “washing their hands” of him.  […]

Reporting in Qatar, Part 1: A Fragile Balance

Reporting in Qatar, Part 1: A Fragile Balance

By: Charles Rollet, with additional reporting by Annalise Frank In this exclusive two-part series, The Chron investigates media freedom and reporting conditions in the rapidly-developing country of Qatar, where Northwestern’s first international campus is located. But beneath its ritzy surface, the Gulf state still has serious issues with freedom of expression which are often overlooked […]