What Republicans Should Learn from 2012

We’ve often been told the best form of education comes from the experience of failure.  If that’s truly the case, then the Republican party just doubled its IQ. But learning is about more than just experiencing failure; it is nothing more than one of many bumps in the road if it is not understood completely […]

Broken Promises (Part 3)

This article is the final installment of a three-part series preceding the 2012 Presidential Election.  Each article focuses on a particular promise Barack Obama made as a candidate in 2008 which has now been broken.   For my final article regarding the promises of candidate Barack Obama, I decided to set it a little more […]

Daily Columnist Uncovers Nefarious Republican Plot!

By Charles Rollet In a bold piece titled “The GOP’s Dangerous Brushes with Crazy,” Daily columnist Yoni Muller has uncovered further evidence of the Republicans’ disturbing radicalization. He noticed that about 3 years ago, a Republican state senator in (famously progressive) Arkansas wrote something very racist. And then last month, Georgia Rep. Paul Broun – who […]