Mixed reactions amongst Northwestern students following Trump’s inauguration

As of a few hours ago, Donald John Trump became the 45th president of the United States of America, and Trump’s inauguration has turned the U.S. into a pool of assorted emotions.

President Trump, 70, stunned the nation on the night of November 8 last year when he won the presidential election. Despite Hillary Clinton’s lead in the nation’s popular vote, Trump secured 304 electoral votes, while Clinton only managed to obtain 204. America’s new president––a former reality television host and businessman––has others wondering about the potential outcomes of his presidency, including Northwestern students.“

A president like Trump is so unprecedented,” said 18-year-old Debbie-Marie Brown, a first-year student majoring in Journalism from New Britain, CT. “We’ve never had a president of this country use Twitter as an emotional outlet. His ratings are incredibly low, and people are scared. I think that comes from the fact that we don’t know what to expect.”

Brown only hopes that Americans, especially those with marginalized identities, continue to vocalize the injustices that occur within the nation despite the turnout of the election.
Although this year’s results were very emotionally draining for Brown, 19-year-old Sammy Cuautle, a Weinberg sophomore majoring in Political Science, is looking forward to seeing reduction in student debt, increases in wages and boosts in the availability of jobs––all of which are proposals made by Trump and his campaign.

Cuautle believes that Trump’s apparent racist comments toward Mexicans were only directed towards convicted criminals and not all of those who pertain to the Mexican race. Additionally, Cuautle urges others to seek more information about Trump’s proposed policies and refrain from having others influence one’s political preference. In addition to Cuautle’s thrill in having an entrepreneur lead the nation, he hopes that Northwestern’s student body, and the nation overall, only continue to progress and that basic human rights don’t atrophy.

“There should also be a certain degree of hope that the president will be a unifying figure, said Cuautle. “And I hope that the next four years are really successful. We should hope that this president is the best president ever because that would affect all of us. I feel like we should all be rooting for him.”

Trump was sworn into office earlier today at the United States Capitol Center in Washington, D.C. and is now president of the United States.

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